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A Video Visit is like an in-person visit, except done through a webcam. You’ll receive care from your trusted provider through a video call and discuss any issues face-to face.   Call office to schedule Tele medicine appointment at 951-697-4133.  There are also on demand video visit services at certain times. When office is closed you may still call 951-697-4133 and the answering service will explain available options. Not all appointments are appropriate for telemedicine. Certain conditions will be required to come in for appointment at our discretion.

A Video Visit is like an in-person visit, except done through a webcam.You’ll receive care from your trusted physician through a video call anddiscuss any issues face-to-face.

Video Visits occur via webcam. Your clinician develops a treatment plan. When appropriate, a prescription is ordered. It’s the same quality of care as if you were in the office.

Visits are generally 10-15 minutes once started.

Yes. Video Visits use secure video conferencing technology developed for medical care. The software’s security and confidentiality protocols meet the requirements of HIPAA. Your Video Visit is also not recorded. After the visit, you will receive a secure message with a summary of your care instructions.

Log in to your FollowMyHealth account via our mobile app or on your browser. There are two kinds of Video Visits your provider may offer. One is an On-Demand Video Visit. This is similar to visiting an Urgent Care facility or walk-in clinic. From mobile, go to your appointments screen, tap the plus sign to create a new appointment, and tap “Show Wait Times.”Follow the steps to enable your device and select your provider. Once you’ve joined the wait room, you’ll be notified when it’s your turn and your provider is ready. Many providers offer Scheduled Video Visits as well. Tap “Schedule Appointment” from your mobile device to see what’s available.

For the best experience, use your FollowMyHealth mobile app (either iOS or Android). On desktop, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser. You can use Internet Explorer or Safari, but you will be asked to download a plugin. You willalso have a better experience with high-speed internet, but our platform will connect as long as speed is not below 1 Mbps. Once you select “Start a Video Visit,” prompts will guide you through the setup process.

When appropriate, yes. Your clinician will determine a best course of action just like an in-person visit. Prescriptions for controlled substances still need to be picked up in office.

A lab can be ordered. Often times, prescriptions can be made based on the lab results.

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911

( Si Ud. tiene una emergencia medica, por favor llame al 911 )

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