What does an annual physical entail?

It is recommended that everyone has a physical exam at least once a year. Even providers need to go in and have their annual physical.
Infants typically come in every 2-3mo up to the age of 2 years, then, starting age 3 years, once a year.

There is a lot to cover during a well-child physical exam. Other acute or complex problems may need to be addressed during a separate visit.

Are you wondering what a physical exam covers? Here is a basic outline of what you can expect.

  • Physical Examination:

    🔹 Height, weight, and head circumference measurements 🔹 Blood pressure and heart rate check 🔹 Assessment of growth and development milestones

  • Vaccination updates:

    🔹 Recommended immunizations based on age and schedule 🔹 Discussion about vaccine safety and importance

  • Health Screening

    🔹 Vision and hearing screening 🔹 Blood tests, if necessary 🔹 Screening for anemia, cholesterol, or lead exposure

    • Developmental Assessment:

      🔹 Evaluation of speech, language, and cognitive development 🔹 Identification of any potential developmental delays

    • Health Education and counseling:

      🔹 Guidance on age-appropriate nutrition and feeding 🔹 Advice on safety, injury prevention, and childproofing 🔹 Discussion of sleep habits and routines 🔹 Addressing concerns related to behavior, discipline, or mental health

    • Open Discussion:

      🔹 Addressing parent’s questions and concerns 🔹 Providing support and guidance for parenting challenges



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