Tummy Time!

Tummy Time for babies is a great way to build motor skills and avoid flat spots on the back of your baby’s head (aka plagiocephaly).

Here are some tips to safely allow your baby to do tummy time:

  1. Never leave your baby unattended during tummy time. Tummy time is not for sleeping, its for working out!
  2. Tummy Time can start at day 1 for just a few seconds at a time and gradually increasing as baby gains strength. You can do tummy time on your chest as well.
  3. As baby gets older aim for 3-5 min at least 3 times a day. It may take some time before your baby gets used to it, so don’t worry if they are not excited about it in the beginning.
  4. Do tummy time when baby is in a good mood after a nap or a diaper change and at least 30 min after a feeding
  5. Engage with your baby at eye level or with a toy to keep them interested in tummy time longer

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911

( Si Ud. tiene una emergencia medica, por favor llame al 911 )

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